Monday, September 1, 2014

House updates!

Hello! We spent this Labor Day weekend up in OC, seeing Kley's family and working on our NEW HOUSE! We are so excited! 

In case you are new or missed it, Kley and I recently bought a house in Orange City, IA. We will be moving up there, officially, around Christmas time, after Kley graduates law school. He will be practicing with his dad. It is so so nice to already know that Kley has a job and that we have a house. I am very excited to keep working on it and choose details to make it our own place. 

I am so thankful for my mother-in-law, for many reasons. They just finished building their own condo, so she knows all the contractors, painters, plumbers, etc. in town. She is incredibly friendly and personable, so she has great relationships with all these people, which really helps in getting advice and getting things booked/finished. Her help in this has been tremendous- we couldn't do it without her! We spent a lot of time on Saturday making decisions.

We have been taking a few car loads up whenever we can, so we are currently storing all of our stuff in the garage and the sun room in the back, while the inside of the house is being worked on. 

The inside of the house is quite a mess right now, but I honestly didn't even care because I am so grateful that we ended up getting the house when we did (even thought it was earlier than we originally wanted), because now we have plenty of time to get everything done and move gradually. Here are some pictures of the house in its current state.

It's a work in progress, right? I am so excited for what it will look like when it's done. Currently all the floors are covered and taped because they are doing the ceilings. The previous owners had big medallions above their light fixtures that we wanted removed, so they had to fix the holes left from that and are resurfacing it all so it's smooth and fresh. This is the messiest part, they said. After the ceilings are done, they will move on to the walls. We are re-painting the entire house, and it will look so nice when it's done! We chose a lot of neutral tones, and two rooms will be a light gray/blue. We also chose carpet, and worked on a bunch of other little things (like picture frames, taking measurements, etc.)

Kley and Brad spent all of the afternoon cleaning out the shed and basement, so thanks to them for doing the not-so-fun part! There were about 50 old cans of paint in the basement, so they had to mix them up with floor dry so it would solidify before we could throw it away.

Here we are inside our very own house!

So glad we were able to go up for the weekend and see family/accomplish a lot!

Also, here are Kley and Brad golfing Saturday morning. This was taken from their deck- isn't it beautiful? Their new condo overlooks the golf course. How nice!


  1. Congratulations to you guys for having bought a new house! It really looks beautiful. I can already see lots of decorating potential for your new home. I'm sure you're going to make the whole place gorgeous, after you've settled and finished all the decorating. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures! Wishing you guys all the best!

    Myron Payne @ Finlay Brewer


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