Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today I woke up at 5:14 (47 minutes before my alarm- yes, I am the crazy person that sets her alarm at 6:01 instead of 6) and I immediately felt horrible. I really thought I was going to throw up. (I'm sure you all wanted to know that.) I took my temp. and it was in the low 99's, so I laid in bed again but never fell asleep.

I decided to try going to work, because I hate missing work, I love my kids, and we are super low on subs right now so I didn't want to make other people's days more stressful trying to cover for me.

And, of course, the ONE DAY I feel nauseous, one of my kids throws up all over the table and himself. I cleaned it up. The smell nearly made me lose it. (I absolutely hate throwing up of any kind, myself or anyone else, so this was a rough morning. Thankfully, though, this is the first time in my entire teaching career that I have ever actually had to clean it up. Every other time the janitor did it!)

Nonetheless, after that great start, I just felt worse and worse until I left at 12:15. I'm glad I did, because I feel awful and I just took my temp. and it was 100.8. Yuck.

Hopefully I feel better soon and hopefully none of you are sick! (Apparently a lot of people at my school have the same symptoms! Bummer.)


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