Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making chocolate pretzels.

This year I am going to make more Christmas treats than I have before. I really enjoy baking, so this will be fun! Over Thanksgiving I made chocolate pretzels for the first time. They are so so good! They are really easy to make, just very time-consuming.

All you need is a bag of circle pretzels, a bag of red/green M+M's, and chocolate chips. I ended up making the entire bag of pretzels, using the whole bag of M+M's, and 6 bags of chocolate chips, and it worked out well. I originally wasn't going to make that many, but once I started I figured I was on a roll, so I might as well finish. It took me 2.5 hours, but I listened to Christmas music and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade while I did it. :)

If you make these, just don't melt the chocolate right over the heat. Last year I made the mistake of microwaving it when I was making cookies, and it cracked the bowl I used and I had to throw it away. Lesson learned there. I didn't have a broiler pot, so I made my own just by boiling water in my usual pan, and then putting a safe bowl overtop of that with the chocolate chips in it. It worked really well; you just have to be careful when removing the bowl because the steam that escapes is HOT.

I made about a cookie sheet size each time. I used aluminum foil, lined it up with pretzels, spooned the chocolate in, and once that sheet was full I put it in the fridge so the chocolate would harden. Then when I had another sheet ready, I just took the first one out and put them in a bowl and repeated the process again.

I would make these again! Even though it took a long time, I have TONS of chocolate pretzels now. We can eat some ourselves, I brought some over to my family for Thanksgiving, and I have a ton in the freezer to use as gifts. Yay!

(P.S. You can use whatever kind of chocolate you want. I just used the market pantry chocolate chips, and they worked fine. I used some semi-sweet bags, and some white chocolate bags.)



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