Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Lucy and Ellory- Eighteen Months.

Lucy and Ellory are 18 months! A year and a half! It feels like yesterday that I was pregnant with them and wondering when they would arrive and what they would be, but it's also hard to remember life without them. This really has been a joyous summer. It's been such a good season with playing outside and having fun together, and having all three have a nap/rest time together has been great.

Stats/Doctor visits: Ellory was crying a lot going to bed, so we checked her for an ear infection before leaving for our MN trip with family, but they said she didn't have one. She was still crying going to sleep when we got back, so we took her in again and checked and on 8/15 she had a left ear infection. They have their 18 month check up in a couple weeks.

Teeth: No new teeth.

Feeding: Lucy and Ellory love to eat! They both regularly eat more than Norah. Ellory isn't too bad, but is still more picky. They both do really well sitting in their high chairs. They make a huge mess every meal, but most isn't on purpose. Lucy loves to ask for her milk and loves to pass out everyone's drinks, and then when Ellory realizes Lucy is getting hers, she immediately realizes how parched she is herself and needs her milk immediately. We try to eat fairly healthy and always give that first, but they do love to have a chip or an oreo (their favorite) for dessert sometimes. Sometimes they will have a couple crackers or something for a small midmorning or late afternoon snack if they are acting really hungry, and sometimes they will have a bedtime snack, but mostly just three solid meals. Another change was we cut out the nighttime bottle, so they are solely sippy cup girls now. We also just switched from the soft spout tops to the hard spout (because the soft spout ones leak more because they bite on the tip and make the holes bigger). They are also enjoying summer sweet corn!

Diapers/Clothes: Wearing 18 month and 18-24 month clothes. They still fit pretty well, but I'm noticing a few things getting more snug. They switched to wearing 4 diapers all the time now.

Sleeping: Ellory struggled with sleep some this month due to her eat infection, which made Lucy awake more too, but they are mostly good sleepers. We were in Alexandria, MN for vacation and in Des Moines this month, and they always cry a bit more going to sleep in new places, but it could be so much worse. Once they fall asleep, they are usually great. They sleep from about 9-8:45 and 1-3:30 (sometimes until 3). Love a good afternoon nap! Lucy is still usually the first one to sleep and the last one up.

Words: They are both saying so many words! Ellory had been for awhile, but Lucy really took off and is saying so much more this month. Ellory still says more words total, but both are saying quite a few. They are really loving learning animal names and sounds- favorites are puppy/woof, cow/moo, horse/neigh, and duck/quack. They are understanding so much and can follow simple directions and if/then sequence of events.

Developments: They love to give hugs and kisses, especially Ellory, and it's the cutest thing ever. Ellory will spread her arms wide and say hug and then run at you. Ellory is concerned if someone gets hurt and likes to give them a hug/kiss. Ellory loves dogs! Lucy loves to say hi and bye and wave to basically every single person we see, and she will say it repeatedly and louder until they say it back. Ellory is more cautious with strangers and new situations. Lucy loves to find every crumb or piece of lint and bring it to you. She is pretty particular and will put things back in the exact place they belong. If she finds a toy in the wrong bucket, she will put it back in the right one. She loves to clean up, but only on her own time. Lucy is still very active physically and loves to climb and move. Ellory has recently started to follow along Lucy's path and is climbing up on some things, but not as much as Lucy. Ellory is so happy, but she can also be easily frustrated and throws more tantrums if something doesn't go her way. Lucy is more laid back emotionally. When Lucy stops moving, she also loves to cuddle. Ellory has also sat on the toilet a few more times this month and has pooped a couple more times. Both girls enjoy counting and animals.

Favorites: Ellory is often carrying around an animal or doll, and often sleeps with one too. Lucy loves to ride bike outside (on her tiny one, or have someone push her around on Norah's), and swing. Both girls love to go outside. They both love going for walks, sandbox, park, and taking a bath. They love to play in Norah's room and the basement whenever they get the chance. Books are a new love this month- they love to look at books and do so often. Other favorite things are oreos, when daddy comes home from work, emptying out the kitchen tupperware/bowls, and watching out the front window. We love you so much, Lucy and Ellory! What an amazing year and a half it has been.


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