Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Alexandria vacation with the Schuts- part 3 finale.

We definitely enjoyed vacation! Norah ate ice cream before bed in her underwear, and people commented that that is the definition of vacation life! Love this picture of her catching her hat in the wind!

We went to the farmer's market one morning, and no one was impressed except me. Everyone said it was lame, but it was much bigger than our small town!

We had to take a picture by Big Ole- America's largest viking statue. It happened to be next to the farmer's market, so we didn't intentionally go visit it, but we had read about it in the Alexandria magazine of things to do here in the house we are staying at and laughed that it made the list of top activities because the statue was literally it. There was nothing else around it or anything else accompanying it. We were there for about one minute total, but now we can say we visited one of the top places to visit in Alexandria!

Walking around some of the local shops.

Fun at the water park! Norah and Lucy had a great time. Norah went down the slides a lot and Lucy was in the water the entire time we were there! Ellory was content just watching. Love getting family pictures!

Rose and sweet Jorie!

Lucy cracks me up. You could tell that she did not like the parts that sprayed water in her face, but she was so brave and never cried! Look at her face on the slide! She's so determined. 

It's so fun and crazy to watch and discover how different Lucy and Ellory are. Ellory is more cautious and was content just watching. She put her feet in a couple times and rode on Grandpa's lap around the lazy river once, but mostly just sat with Grandma.

Lucy went down the big slide a couple times!

Norah LOVED the slide! She even went down a more steep one that sprayed water in your face at the end by herself twice- she's getting so brave!

Aunt Karlie even convinced Ellory to try it once with her, but she didn't like it. She cried and promptly went back to Grandma's lap, but glad she at least tried!

Lazy river. They also had some adult slides that were really good! Keaton even said the best ever!

We enjoyed several boat rides! (Poor Ellory is not a fan of her life jacket. It looks like it was jabbing her right in the eyes in this picture, but I assure her ride really wasn't that bad!)

The brave souls who jumped in.

Making s'mores. Lucy is a smart girl and positioned herself directly at the snack table. No fire needed for her. She loved it and cried when we made her come in for a bath.

Ellory enjoyed having people hand her snacks and eating them on people's laps.

What a wonderful week we had!

Norah took one bite and said the marshmallow was too gooey and ate all her parts separately.

So thankful for family and time together!


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