Friday, August 17, 2018

Alexandria vacation with the Schuts- part 2.

While on vacation with the Schuts, we took some family pictures and they went pretty well! The key is to snap loads of pictures in 15 minutes and delete later. What a good looking family!

Norah is such a cutie!

Four granddaughters with some pretty wonderful grandparents!

Our best shot of the five of us. Not the greatest, but not the worst. Love my family!

Jorie's aunts!

The girls.

Attempting to get more of my girls.

Lucy was really not into it.

Trying to get one of the three of them together, but Lucy and Ellory didn't want to sit without me, so I just went in, but it turned out nice and I like it!

We also got some super great ones of the entire family, but my mom wanted to save that sweet surprise for their Christmas card, so I can't post them now. I know you will all be anxiously awaiting until Christmas time!


  1. What sweet pics!! So glad you got some fun ones of your family!


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