Monday, August 13, 2018

Alexandria vacation with the Schuts- part 1.

It doesn't usually happen that both of our families have vacations so close together, but it happened this year and we sure aren't complaining! We went to Okoboji, IA in June with the De Jongs, and we just went to Alexandria, MN with the Schuts. We had a great time!

I'm convinced that renting a house/condo is the way to go for vacations, especially with kids. It's so nice to have a living room/kitchen so you don't have to eat out every meal and so that everyone can hang out together in the main areas when the kids are sleeping. 

The house we stayed was great for hang out time, lots of spacious room for our girls to play and lots of outdoor space too. It had a great playground too that we spent a lot of time on! (Norah said that was her favorite part!)

Sometimes Norah is super uncooperative for pictures, and sometimes she knocks it out of the park! She loved wearing this hat that Uncle Keaton gave her.

Playing with Aunt Kayla.

We spent lots of time on the playground- our girls love to swing!

How cute are their hats? 

They love to try and swing on the big swings and their determination is so cute. 

Love this picture of Grandpa and Lucy/Ellory!

Norah and Kley golfing. We lost a few balls in the water (purposely), but they sure had fun!

Love this picture! Missing Rose, who was inside nursing Jorie, but having family time was so great. (Poor Ellory was struggling with hat problems.)

Our house had a boat too, which was fun! It went pretty slow, even on full throttle, but it was still fun for the girls and for a relaxing ride!

Ellory LOVES babies and it was so sweet to watch her with Jorie! She was enamored with her and loved to touch her, pat her hair, kiss her, etc. Lucy didn't show as much interest, but she got jealous when Kley or I held her.

Sweet Jorie! Love being an aunt!

No one paid any attention to her all week. Can't you tell? :)

Trying to get a cute picture of my girls in their matching outfits. This is how the majority turn out.

Norah loves holding Jorie and does such a great job!

Four cousins!

Norah went fishing for the first time! She was a little wild, so her pole didn't actually have a hook (don't tell her that, ha), but she caught a small one when I was helping her and she was so excited! She didn't want to go near it, let alone touch it, but she was excited to catch one.

Keaton, Karlie, Zack, and Kley headed out on the paddle boat to fish.

The girls loved filling buckets with rocks, over and over again.

Norah is such a nice sister!


  1. Looks like sweet memories!! So glad you had a great time with family!!


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