Friday, May 25, 2018

Tulip Festival 2018.

We had a great time at Tulip Festival this year! It's so fun that Norah is old enough to remember it from last year and look forward to it. She was excited for the rides for weeks! Tulip Festival happens every May in our town, where we celebrate our Dutch heritage with lots of fun activities like Dutch dancing, parades, Dutch costumes, rides, food stands, etc. 

One of my favorite parts is taking pictures by the tulips! My girls definitely do not agree, but they are so fun to have.

Getting all your kids to look, let alone smile, for a picture is quite the task!

So thankful for good weather and being outside after a long winter!

Ellory saw the carousel and wanted on!

We walked downtown before it officially started and watched them set up the rides, and they were mesmerized watching!

Ride night! Norah was so thrilled. Lucy had a fever that night, so her and Ellory stayed with grandparents. We missed them, but it was really fun to have special time with Norah on the rides, especially since Lucy and Ellory couldn't do many rides anyways.

The giant slide is one of her favorites!

Riding the motorcycles.

Norah was so brave and rode so many rides. She even rode the two roller coasters they had and enjoyed them. Apparently the motorcycles didn't go as fast as the roller coasters, so she just sucked her thumb. Ha.

It was so fun to watch Norah enjoy the rides!

Watching the parade in their super cute chairs! My friend, Stephanie, gave them to them for their first birthdays. Lucy and Ellory sat in them so well!

Seeing their faces during the parade was so fun! They all did so well. Norah loved the marching band and was jumping up and down when they came by and dancing. So cute!

We sat with our friends and Norah was so excited to watch with Josie and Savannah.

Loving the inflatables!

So happy we got a good family picture! So thankful to be a wife and mother.

My parents came for the weekend too, so it was fun to share the festivities with grandpa and grandma!

Brett and Elizabeth (Kley's sister) were here for the weekend also, so it was fun to catch some parades with them too!

Norah really loved the matching band!

Ellory sat so nice with my mom.

Family trip on the carousel! Norah thought we had to sit on the benches since Lucy and Ellory were with us. They loved it!

Norah rode the giant slide with grandpa and had the fastest ride ever! They flew down!

Check out Tulip Festivals from 2015, 2016, and 2017. So fun to look back on the growth over the years!


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