Friday, March 2, 2018

Lucy and Ellory are ONE- smash cakes and family fun!

All of our family on both side was able to make it to celebrate Lucy and Ellory's first birthday, which made it so special! I love getting everyone together. We had their party in the morning, and then my MIL graciously offered to host dinner that night for all the family. My mother-in-law, Jana, has many great gifts, and some of those are hospitality and throwing magazine worthy get togethers. It was so very cute!

Love the one cupcakes and their smash cakes. So beautiful!

It was all so beautifully decorated- made it so fun!

Uncle Brett and Aunt Elizabeth.

Their birthday outfits were perfect! I loved them so much.

Sometimes I still can't believe we are a family of 5. What a great year it's been!

As a repeat from the morning festivities, Ellory did not want to be put down for photos.

Big family pictures are some of my favorite things and my biggest treasures!

Love that they were all there to celebrate with us!

Smash cakes were so fun! What adorable pictures.

Lucy got into it a bit more, which we suspected would happen, but neither one made a big mess.

It took a few bites/licks to realize she liked it!

Uncle Keaton and Aunt Rose.

My parents gave Norah an American Girl Bitty Baby for her first birthday, and did the same for Lucy and Ellory. So fun! Ellory already really loves baby dolls.

Happiest of birthdays to you, Lucy and Ellory! You are so deeply loved. So glad you are ours!


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