Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Indoor swimming!

Saturday night we hit up the indoor pool! (Well, two Saturdays ago now by the time I'm getting this published.) We wanted to do something fun to celebrate Lucy and Ellory's birthday as a family (and to get out of the house!), but we couldn't go too far because the weather prediction wasn't great, so we ended up at the neighboring town at their indoor pool. It worked out great because our grandparents live there, so we met them for supper at Culver's beforehand and then they came and watched the swimming. My sister, Kayla, came along too, since she goes to college in our town! 

Norah had been asking to go swimming several times over the last couple weeks, so she was thrilled to go. Watching your kids be excited is the greatest thing. Kley and I just whispered to each other that it was so worth all the work of doing it to see Norah jump up and down, clapping and shouting that she was so excited. 

It was Lucy and Ellory's first time swimming! We thought they would love it because they love taking a bath, but they were pretty somber. There weren't any tears, thankfully, but it took them a few minutes to warm up. Lucy loved it at the end, but I don't think Ellory smiled once the whole time and wanted to be close to us. (Not that she was upset, she's just more serious/inquisitive during new things.)

So glad Aunt Kayla could come too! It made it doable to have an adult for each kid, because they require so much attention in the water. Before we had Lucy and Ellory, I took Norah frequently to the toddler swim hour, but there is absolutely no way I could take all three by myself. So it worked great to have her there to help! Thanks Kayla!

Norah had a great time! She hadn't been swimming in months, but she went right in without fear.

Such cuties!

They had this new slide since the last time we were there and Norah loved it!

"Not sure what I think about this."

Lucy warming up. Once she decided she liked it, she loved it and was crawling all over in the water! We had to watch her very carefully, because she didn't understand at all that there was a natural incline and would just keep going until she was submerged if we'd let her!

How cute are they in their little swim suits? (They are Norah's old ones.)

Slide fun with Daddy! Before we went, Norah kindly asked me if it would be alright if I watched the twins so she could swim with Daddy. She had a tone to her voice like she didn't want to hurt my feelings, but she just wanted to swim with dad. It was so cute.

Love fun family nights! So thankful for my family!


  1. Looks like fun!!! And I love your cute suit!! 😉

    1. Thanks! One of my new “Mom” swimsuits, meaning comfy/covering for lots of bending over and kid holding!

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