Friday, March 9, 2018

Getting so big!

Ellory's hair can fit into a tiny ponytail now! So cute.

Matching all three is so fun! Thankful for two awesome grandmas who like to buy baby clothes.

For Lucy and Ellory's first birthday, Norah and I decided that it would be proper celebration to let them try macaroni and cheese for the first time (in the nude, of course, because hello mess!). They thoroughly enjoyed it!

My good friend, Stephanie, gave Norah the cutest pink chair for her first birthday, and she continued the tradition for Lucy and Ellory! I love it, and they have their names on them! And I love that they each have their own color so there will be no confusion. Norah has loved her chair during the summer outside, and we've already been talking about using them for the Tulip Festival parade in May!

Waffles with Nutella are one of Norah's favorite breakfasts. I love this picture because this was AFTER she already wiped her face with a wet paper towel to clean up. Ha.

Enjoying the few days of warmer weather we had! You can't see it in the picture, but Norah was pushing her lawn mower. Preparing early!

A big recent happening was we retired the infant car seats and graduated to big girl seats! This also meant putting the real stroller seats on (instead of clipping their infant seats in). 

I think Norah really liked it! She used to sit in the middle seat and L/E were in the back, but with rear facing seats for them, I had to put Norah in the back because I couldn't buckle them both in the back. Norah loved being able to see both of them and she was holding Lucy's hand!

I think they liked their new seats too!

Saturday morning pancakes! With lots of chocolate chips, of course. 

Hope you are all doing well!


  1. These are great memories!! Such big girls getting new seats!! ❤️ Norah will be a great eye for you in the back! I am always asking the girls if trey is sleeping or needing something! 😉

    1. Thanks! Doing my best to document! And that will be nice to have helping eyes in the back!


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