Friday, October 7, 2016

Minneapolis "getaway"! (part one)

We spent a few days in Minneapolis last week, and it was wonderful because we got to see the De Jong's for a few days, and some of my siblings too! Most of the gang went to the Ryder Cup on Thursday, so Norah and I hung out with Jana (my mother-in-law) and Karlie (my sister). Karlie wasn't working, so it worked out perfectly! We walked around downtown, shopped a little, went to Starbucks, went out for lunch, and Jana was so nice and watched Norah while she napped and Karlie and I got a pedicure!

For supper we went out for deep dish pizza! Norah was having the best time seeing her uncle and two aunts!

On Friday, we went to the Minnesota Children's Museum. It was fun! It was under construction, so some of the exhibits were closed, but what we saw was fun!

Doing puzzles with Aunt Elizabeth.

In the Forces in Motion room, experimenting with air and balls.

Throwing balls into the cones.

Blowing feathers with Aunt Elizabeth.

Norah loved the car washing station, with real water and bubbles and everything.

Norah loves to blow bubbles!

I really love this picture of her blowing!

Feeling the car wash brushes.

Building legos with Aunt Elizabeth.

Looking in the mirrors with Daddy.

Cooking in the kitchen.

Anyone want to buy anything?

It was a great day!


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