Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall Festival.

Saturdays are just the best days, aren't they? We went to the Fall Festival in a neighboring town, and it was fun! Whenever someone puts on a free, family fun activity, we are basically there. They had bounce houses, pumpkin painting, scavenger hunt, mini petting zoo, face painting, and a corn pit!

Norah is getting braver than she used to be, which is fun to see! She still likes us to be there, but she will venture farther off. She just climbed right in that bounce house and jumped away! She wanted to go up that slide with the big kids in the worst way, but couldn't pull herself up.


Exploring the fountain with Daddy.

Waving hello to the fish.

Corn pit!

Norah loved it! (I was not prepared for how dirty she would get; we had to take her clothes off to ride home!) What a cute picture!

They had these carts for you to buy fall plants, but Norah thought they were her personal wagons.

Norah, exploring the world with you is my favorite. We love you!


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