Monday, February 8, 2016

Norah's favorite books- 15 months.

Norah really loves books with flaps, touchy-feely things, or music buttons. She is just old enough (15 months) where she enjoys flipping through books by herself and it's so fun! Here are a few of her favorites: 

Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt- A true classic book that I remember having when I was younger too! Norah's favorite is sticking her finger in mommy's ring.

 Poke-A-Dot Who's in the Ocean?  by iKids- Norah got this book for her birthday and it's so neat! The dots are like the top of a pop lid where you can push in what kind it is. Norah absolutely loves to push them in!

 Color Dog by Matthew Van Fleet- Norah loves books with dogs. My parents have a dog, Daisy, and it was one of her first words. It's also hilarious and gross that on the green page one of the green things is the gas that the dog farts when his dog food gives him gas. If you have a dog lover, this is a fun book with fun arrows to pull on each page.

 Animal Babies by Eric Carle- A cute book about animal and their babies/sounds.

 Bath Time! by Sandra Boynton- This is one of those "indestructible" soft books that has gotten a lot of love over Norah's life already. I am a Sandra Boynton fan, but the literary content is sparse (which is okay, because it's meant to be an introductory book), but this book is awesome for young babies who put everything in their mouth. It's not Norah's favorite anymore, but I thought it was worth mentioning since it received so much love.

 Noisy Noah's Ark by Usborne- Norah also got this book for her first birthday and is a big fan of pushing the buttons.

 Lift-the-Flap First 100 Words by Scholastic- This book is full of fun colorful pictures and flaps. Norah frequently picks it and it keeps her entertained for awhile!

Lift-the-Flap Bible by Sally Loyd Jones- Norah also loves lifting the flaps in this book, and I love that each page is a different Bible story!

Touch and Feel Wild Animals by DK Publishing- Norah is a creature of habit I guess- another touch and feel book full of animals.

These next three don't have any bells and whistles, but Norah regularly picks them!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle- Norah likes the uneven pages in the middle where he starts to eat more each day.

Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown- Norah loves the animals.

Itsy Bitsy Snowman- I can see why she likes this book, the pictures are adorable!


  1. Hey there! Love the book ideas, I might just have to find the Poke a Dot one! Just wanted to say hello since I randomly found your blog, and I also have a 17 month old named Norah (and live in NW Iowa... weird!) Have a great day :)

    1. Thanks for saying hello! Small world that we both live in NW Iowa and have a Norah! Yes, Norah loves the Poke-A-Dot book. I had never heard of it before she received it as a birthday gift. I think they have 5 different ones (according to my quick glance on amazon), and they are so fun! The only downside is the book is physically heavy, but I would recommend!

  2. Adding so many of these to my list! We have Pat the Bunny and love it at our house, too! Such a cute book. :)

  3. Autumn loves Pat the Bunny! You will have a reader! :)


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