Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Norah- Sixteen Months.

I know 16 months is not a monumental milestone and may not be interesting to everyone, but I love posting it for family and so Norah can read it someday.

Norah is 16 months! Her hair is growing and it is making her look older. She is a proficient walker and is getting pretty close to running! She is learning so much and making lots of connections. Poor Norah was sick almost the whole month. We brought her to the doctor a few weeks ago and said no ear infection/RSV/flu, which was good. She was having a cold/fever. The cold continued and had fevers off and on, and brought her in again on 2/15 and she had a double ear infection. Thankfully, she was pretty happy the whole time and still slept well. The medicine is helping! She also had her 15 month wellness check and was 33" (98%- tall baby!), head circumference was 18.5" (82%), and 24 lb. 8 oz. (86%). So thankful for a healthy, growing girl!

Schedule/Eating: We babysat twins who are close to Norah's age this month and I was shocked at how much they ate and how quickly they inhaled their food. They made Norah look like a slow eater and like she doesn't eat much! Norah has wanted to feed herself more this month, so it's a lot messier! Sometimes she is picky, but never for a specific thing, meaning she will eat something one day but not another day. She is a pretty good eater, but sometimes we have to distract her with singing or silly sounds to get her to eat. She was sick this month too, which I think affected her appetite. We are working on not throwing our food on the floor when we don't want it. She always loved her fruit baby food and still loves smoothies, but doesn't like to eat pieces of fruit much. She still sleeps approximately 10-9 (yay!), and still takes two naps most days, but you can tell the transition to one is coming. She can get by with one nap if needed, and she now takes a really good first nap (about 2-2.5 hours), and takes a long time to fall asleep for the second and then we usually have to wake her (so she won't sleep too late into the evening).

Teeth: No new teeth this month.

Developments: It is so fun to watch Norah be able to do new things, like identify new items, match puzzle pieces to their picture, stack things together, connect objects, remember pages of books, etc. She loves books with flaps, touchy feels pages, or music buttons and she loves to flip through books by herself. She likes Pat the Bunny and remembers what the pages are. She has new confidence to go down her slide (though she still likes to hold your finger on the way down), and to turn around and go down the stairs by herself. She remembers where things go and is able to follow simple commands. She can get in and out of the chairs at her little table now also. It's fun to watch her find ways to communicate, like going to the fridge and pointing if she wants milk.

Words: Norah is able to say/attempt to say several new words if we ask her or if they come up, but doesn't use them regularly. She will regularly sign eat, more, please, up, and bath. She regularly says dada, Ainsley, Daisy, grandpa/grandma (bapa), bath, up, eat, please (sounds like peas), baby, ball, wow, bye-bye, belly button (bay-bay) and hot. She has said mama a few times, but not a lot.

Favorites: Norah loves to play with the measuring cups in the kitchen, empty out drawers, look at books, and follow mom and dad around. She likes to strum dad's guitars. She loves to walk around outside and find dogs and balls anywhere she can find them. She has even started going to the door, whining to go outside! Thankfully it's getting nicer out. She is getting better at going to the nursery, but definitely wouldn't call it a favorite! She loves to try to get us to give her a chocolate chip, put on mom's make-up, clean anything with a wipe, and try to put her boots on. She likes having our full attention and doesn't like if we do anything on our phones/computers- she will try to swat it away or even sit right on it! She will turn around and scoot her butt towards you a few times before sitting on your lap, it's so funny! She likes practicing finding body parts, especially belly buttons! Her favorite songs are Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Norah, you are so pleasant and fun to be around. We love watching your personality come out more and more. You love to laugh and you are a pretty good listener! We love you so much!

Always interesting to photograph a baby/toddler! She wanted the camera instead.

Finding her belly button!


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