Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My sister, the superstar.

Last Saturday we went to Omaha and got to watch my sister in action at her club volleyball tournament! Glad we got to go watch! She really is very talented. I overheard a guy sitting next to me, who was rooting for the other team, say, "Man, that girl can hit. She has great form." Proof that she really is a superstar.

I really need to develop my action photography skills, but these are the best I got!

Also, we are leaving next week for a trip to Arizona with Kley's family, and we can't wait! We have been so sick this winter, and I am ready for warm weather and hopefully health! All three of us had the flu over Christmas, lots of colds since then, and this week Norah had a double ear infection and I had strep. So anxious to be feeling better and be out in the sun!


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