Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Norah loves sensory bins!

I love having sensory bins for Norah! We save them for "special" times, which basically equates to when I need Norah to be entertained for a little while, and usually it works pretty well, as long as I'm in close proximity. (I call it a sensory bin because we called them sensory tables when I taught and this is a smaller version, but it's basically just any open ended material in a bucket/bin with tools to play with. You could do water and ducks, sand and sifters, beans and rakes, noodles and measuring cups, etc. Possibilities are endless!)

Norah is playing with aquarium gravel and a shovel/rake. It kept her busy for about 30 minutes! You also have to be prepared to sweep the floor when you are done, but it's worth it. (Also, you have to be aware of how much/what your child puts in their mouth. Thankfully Norah does quite well at not putting things in her mouth she shouldn't. She never put this in her mouth, but I know that would be a big issue for others.)

Also, this is a picture from Christmas that I never shared and had to because I just love my main girl!


  1. Great idea from a great mom!! She is "all in" to the sensory bins!

  2. I love this! I need to do this for Baby Girl, it'd be perfect for when I'm nursing Peanut! Thanks for the post.

    1. Sensory bins would be a great idea for a special nursing activity! I will have to keep that in mind too for whenever we have #2! Glad we can share ideas together!


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