Thursday, June 25, 2015

With influence comes responsibility.

Before I blogged about my worries about raising Norah, but today I am writing about the great joy and opportunity it is. They kind of go hand in hand, right? You worry about your kids and love them all at the same time. Playing the "what-if" game is a dangerous thing. It's a daily battle of surrendering Norah back to the Lord, because she is really His and not ours. (How amazing that God would entrust us to raise His babies!)

Today my devotions were talking about being a good leader and how leaders have influence. It made me think about Norah and how much influence Kley and I have over her life. My favorite line from my reading was "with influence comes responsibility."

That is a weighty sentence, but when I read that, I was filled with joy. He always knew that I would be Norah's mom, and He chose ME, out of every woman in the world, for that calling.

Raising Norah is an enormous responsibility, but I am grateful for the influence I have over her life. There are so many neat experiences coming and things I want to teach Norah:
-Colors, numbers, shapes, etc.
-How to read
-Picking out books at the library
-Going to the pool
-Baking cookies
-Trick-or-treating at Halloween
-Celebrating holidays where she is old enough to understand what/why we are celebrating
-Riding a bike

I could go on and on. Also, things like picking out her prom dress and driving a car, but that's WAY to far ahead to think about yet!

Most of all, my biggest prayer is that one day we will be able to take part in watching Norah accept Jesus into her heart and getting baptized.

Being a mom is great.


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