Monday, June 8, 2015

House Tour- Basement.

 Welcome to our basement! (You can see the other rooms in our house tour here, if you'd like.)

The basement is like our "extra" space right now- we don't really need it, but it's nice to have! Kley is the most excited about the basement, because it's his "man cave" where he keeps all his guitar stuff. 

Our ultimate dream is to completely redo the basement one day and add more bedrooms/play area, but who knows if/when that will happen or if it's even possible. It's nice to dream, though!

Here is the main room:

There is also a guest room off the back of the main room, which is nice! We are calling it Kayla's room (my youngest sister), for her to stay in when she comes. A twin bed is the only thing we can fit in it, because the house is older and the staircase is so tiny and narrow that nothing else will fit down the stairs. It works out nicely though. We got the nightstands from my grandma- my great grandpa made them by hand! The bed we got from our aunt because they were getting a new bed, and the bedpost/mirror/sitting chair I got for free from someone's curb and painted! (The quilt is from Pottery Barn Teen.)

This room is a great extra, and it's does have a window, but technically it's not big enough for this room to actually be considered a bedroom.

I am also using the room as storage for all my children's books/teaching toys and games.

I am pretty excited about my organization and labeled bins. :) 

We also got that desk that has been in the family for awhile- so cute for Norah to "play school" with!

Off the main room, there is also TONS of storage space.

I LOVE my washer/dryer!

There is another bathroom down there too, off of the storage space. It's not connected to the bedroom, which is a bummer, but oh well. We never use it, at least not yet anyway, and we haven't touched it. I'm not loving the purple and floral from the previous owners, but it's not worth changing right now.

Here are pictures DURING the move-in process (Kley sure loves his guitar room!):

The previous owners has already moved lots of things out from the basement, but here are some BEFORE pictures:

(So glad we carpeted the stairs!)


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