Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I was just starting to feel like I was "finding my place" here in OC, and then summer arrived. Which means all my major activities have been taken away. We were involved in a small group with church, I was going to MOPS, and I was taking Norah to a baby class at the library. All of those events don't meet over the summer and I am bummed.

I completely understand that they need to give the leaders of these activities a break, but it's making me feel lonely. Don't get me wrong, everyone is still welcoming here and extremely friendly, but we have been here for 5.5 months now, and that means that the "initial welcoming period" has weaned away.

I don't want to sound like I am complaining, but I guess I temporarily am. Sorry.

I know that time is what we need in this situation, and you can't force the feeling of "being at home" in a new place, or rush the process of making friends. And I don't want to fast forward my life, but I would just really like some good friends.

I feel like most of the women I have met/am meeting have several children already, which is great, but can sometimes clash with activities because older kids do way different activities and have different needs than babies. I learned that there are tons of amazing summer opportunities and classes here for kids, but almost all of them are 3+.

So, what are Norah and I going to do all summer? We shall see. Kley is also studying for the Bar exam in late July, so that leaves Norah and I with more time alone than usual, especially since Kley is studying Saturdays.

I am excited for warmer weather to go to the pool. I am also excited to try to make play dates with other moms and am hopeful for friendships to bloom.

On a side note, we recently saw some friends who moved to a new city four years ago, and we asked them how it was going. He said that it still doesn't quite feel like home yet, but it definitely does for their kids. That's a little bit of a double whammy, because I certainly hope that it doesn't take over four years to truly feel at home here, but it's also encouraging because we have an amazing opportunity and responsibility to make OC Norah's home. She will never remember living in Des Moines, because it was only 2 months of her short life. That's pretty cool that I have the "job" of making Norah feel comfortable and provide her with stability and routine. I do love being a mom.

I know that God wanted us to move here and that this is where we are supposed to be. He has been so faithful to us, and I want to be faithful to Him, even in the adjustment period.

I will end with this picture, because Norah is so adorable. :)


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