Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Norah- Eight Months.

Norah is 8 months! People were commenting a lot this month about how grown-up she looks! People are also saying that her hair is lightening and that she looks more like daddy. What a big girl- she started wearing 12 month clothes at 7.5 months! Norah is such a sweet baby and is generally very happy. Being alone is what makes her most upset, but when she is with/near us, she’s as happy as can be!

Norah started out the month working on her two front teeth. We could tell something was happening, because she was drooling more and chewing on everything, but they didn’t start to come in until the end of the month. At 7.5 months, we could see them coming in before we could feel them. On June 14, we felt the top right tooth, and on June 21 felt the top left. The last week before she turned 8 months, she had a very sore bottom and loose BM’s from the teething.

We had our first sickness this month, and we are thankful she handled it so well! She had a virus for about 2 weeks, but was only really sick for a week. It started with nose running, eye drainage, and a low grade fever, then turned into a 101.5 fever with a bad cough/runny nose. We took her in to the doctor and she was tested for strep and ear infection, but they said it was just viral and would run its course. Thankful to be done with that! She did so well with being sick- she hated having her nose wiped, but other than that was pretty happy!

Norah is on a wonderful schedule; she does so well that it’s pretty easy to care for her, thankfully! She is such a good baby! Gramie always calls Norah a “dream baby!” She sleeps from about 10-8:30 or 9. She nurses 4 times a day (around 9, 2, 5, and before bed). She has vegetables/cereal for lunch around 12 and fruit/cereal for dinner around 8:30. She usually takes three naps a day- late morning, afternoon, and early evening- for about 45 minutes. She will occasionally take two longer ones. She is starting to eat a few actual solids. She can eat very small pieces of puffs, bread, or soft fruit, but still gags often. She is now getting much better at sippy cups! She still needs help tipping it up, but can actually drink from it now.

Norah is really interactive and curious. I love watching her when we go places because she looks around and takes everything in. Norah loves to empty buckets and throw her toys all over. She loves to be outside and go for stroller walks or to the pool! She can pull herself up to her knees, and so far has only pulled herself up to stand once on June 16. She can get on all fours and wiggle back and forth, and reach for something, but no crawling yet. She rolls around a lot and can scoot herself a little. She still enjoys taking a bath every night and loves to feel the water come out of the faucet. She is also still a thumb sucker. She reaches her arms out to be picked up and responds to her name. She can say “baba” and “mama,” but they are just babbling sounds. We are still doing some baby sign language words, but she hasn’t responded back yet. Her favorite toys are stacking cups/rings, phones (play or real- ha!), or music toys. She loves to grab jewelry and suck on necklaces, and is getting really good at giving high-fives! She hates getting her fingernails cut! We got her an activity table and walker toy this month, and she is really enjoying playing with those!

I wrote the first paragraphs this morning, the day before she turned 8 months, and just tonight she did so many things! She ate a serving size of bread during dinner without gagging once, she sat up by herself (from laying down to sitting) twice, and she signed her first word- up! Amazing job, Norah! We love you so much! Being your parents is the best!

(Norah was not in the mood for modeling today. These pictures don't reflect her usual happiness! She was grumpy, did not want to sit still, and all she wanted was to rip/crumple the sticker.)


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