Monday, June 15, 2015

Rose's bridal shower in Des Moines!

We are in Des Moines for a week, and it's so nice to be here and see family and friends! One of the main reasons we came was for Rose's bridal shower. My mom, sisters, and I hosted and it was super fun. Rose is marrying my brother, Keaton, in July. Can't believe the wedding is almost here and my little brother is getting married!

It was a great shower and Rose got to meet a lot of the Des Moines friends. They will be living in Des Moines after they get married, which I am selfishly incredibly happy about because then we can see them when we visit.

My best friend, Stephanie, was able to come to the shower also, because she was home for the weekend from DC! Yay!

The Groen girls are like my sisters- Erica, Stephanie, and Whitney. 


All the Schut ladies.

My sisters/mom came up with some really neat decorations! They looked so good. I planned the games. We played "guess the love song" and wedding jeopardy. 

I think the shower was a success! Rose, we are thrilled to welcome you to the family!


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