Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Some of Norah's first meetings.

Norah is super blessed to have such awesome friends and family! Many people were able to visit her in the hospital and it was so special. It's so fun to have people to share in the excitement with! Here are a few people Norah got to meet while we were in the hospital:

Both grandmas (who are both beyond excited!)

Grandma De Jong

Aunt Kayla

Grandpa Schut

Both grandpas

Grandpa De Jong

Uncle Keaton

Some friends from church got to visit also- Carolyn and Brett!

Uncle Keaton

Whitney (family friend)

Amy (family friend- like another mom to me!)

Grandma and Aunt Kayla

Grandma Schut

Aunt Elizabeth

Grandma De Jong

Kley's sister, Elizabeth, and our new little family!


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