Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy 27th Birthday Kley!

Happy 27th Birthday Kley! Yesterday (October 18), was his birthday. Baby De Jong decided he/she did not want to share a birthday with daddy, so he will get his own day! Yesterday was a great day and I'm so glad we got to spend it together. We slept in and I made him a big breakfast. He loves big breakfasts and I don't make them hardly enough. We relaxed at home for awhile, and Kley was pumped to find the perfect acoustic guitar that he wanted, after lots of research, so his gift was ordering that. (He is also selling his old acoustic and applying that money to the new one- it's not like we drop huge amounts of money on guitars. It's a lot of selling and trading, which he loves.) I made some of his favorite foods for dinner, and I even watched The Gladiator with him after. He has always wanted me to watch it with him and I never have. (I honestly did not like it. And it was 2 hours 34 minutes. Wow. But, it's all for you, Kley!)

Here are a few qualities that I really admire about my husband. 

1. Easy-going. Kley rarely ever gets upset and it takes quite a lot to put him in a bad mood. He is flexible, go-with-the-flow, and easy to please. He is very low maintenance, in a very good way.

2.  Positive. Kley is a super positive person. He always sees the glass as half full and is able to find the good in bad situations.

3. Trust. Kley has a deep, unwavering trust in God that is always there and extends circumstances. I admire his faith.

4. Love. Kley loves me well, no matter what I am acting like or what I am going through. Even when I don't deserve it, which is often. He always has the perfect thing to say to lighten the mood or make me feel better.

5. Hard-working/family. These two tie together because I admire how hard Kley is working to finish law school to provide for our family. I'm so blessed in his support of me staying home with this baby, and I can't wait to watch him become a father, because I know he will be so great!

Happy birthday baby! I love you!


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