Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Maternity wardrobe essentials.

Since our baby is so close to coming (you can come now, baby!), I think I can write about my favorite essential maternity items. I'm sure there are tons of great maternity clothes out there, but these are what I liked and worked for me. The majority of my maternity clothes come from Old Navy, some from Gap, and a couple from Motherhood Maternity. I know some people don't like Old Navy, but it's my favorite store, and I like that it's cheaper yet still stylish, since we don't have much extra to shop with.

I absolutely love these tanks. You should get as many as you can in all colors. I literally wear one almost every day. They wash well and are lightweight/super comfortable. They are great for wearing underneath shirts that need a little extra, and also just for wearing solo underneath a sweater or something. I love them! They are also the longest tank I have found, so they work well through all stages of pregnancy. Now that I am super big, they still fit well and cover. These tanks do have slight ruching on the side, which some don't like, but it doesn't bother me.

-On a side note, while I love Old Navy, I really don't like their maternity tanks. I think the Gap ones are much more comfortable, and I really don't like how low cut the Old Navy maternity tanks are. Whenever I wore my Old Navy ones, I actually wore a Gap one underneath, just so I had enough coverage (which really doesn't make much sense). 

This is my second favorite tank. It still washes really well and is super comfortable, but my only complaint is that they aren't long enough for nearing the end of pregnancy (my belly definitely shows on the bottom now, if I try to wear one). These tanks do not have the ruching on the side, so they look just like a regular tank. I still love them, but they definitely work the best for second trimester/early third.    

These shirts are the same, just with a different neck line. I have several of both in different colors, and they are really great for just your basic tee. Nice for summer to pair with a patterned bottom, or for other seasons for layering. I added a colorful necklace or scarf often if I wore these solo. 

I have several of these dresses, which are nice to have because they are really versatile and comfortable. I like having longer dresses (as opposed to knee length), because I never had to worry about showing anything at school, because we get down on the ground so much teaching. They are really nice to put a little sweater over, and you're good to go. I love having dresses, because some days it's just nice to not have to wear pants. Especially the bigger you get, sometimes you want nothing pushing on your belly at all, so these are nice to have. These specific ones are nice, also, because they have a small slit on one side, which makes walking easier. I have a few other maternity maxi dresses that don't have a slit, and I still love those, but you have to take smaller steps and they get caught around your feet easier.

I have two pairs of these leggings, in black and gray. They are super nice to be able to wear under dresses, skirts, or longer shirts. I especially loved having them earlier in pregnancy, when you need extra room in the pants, but you can still make your stretchy dresses or skirts work from your regular clothes.

These pants are more just my opinion, as you have to find whatever pants work for you when you are pregnant. I personally hate the full panel pants- I think they are itchy and suffocating, but plenty of people love them (actually, way more of my pregnant friends loved the full panel than not). I personally love the low panel pants just because I felt like my growing stomach could breathe more. these were my favorite pants to wear to work. They were still comfortable, yet they aren't jeans. I have them in gray and khaki. And you don't have to iron them after washing, which is great. I also felt like these stayed up pretty nicely also. With a few low panel pants, I felt like I was pulling them up all day.

I love these yoga capris- I have black and gray. They are very comfortable. They fit well without being too tight.

I only have one pair of these yoga pants, and I wish I had more. They fit really well and are so comfortable. I have a small in the yoga capris from Old Navy (above), but these pants I had to get a medium, as the small felt really tight. The medium is perfect. They are also long enough for my super long legs, which is nice. I can never buy Old Navy pants (unless they are cuffed or ankled), because they are never long enough for me.

Nursing bras are a weird/sensitive topic, but this is my favorite one. I know I am not nursing yet, but there will come a time in your pregnancy where your regular bras don't fit anymore and are really uncomfortable. I didn't want to buy new regular bras, as they are expensive and I wouldn't wear them for long, and even regular nursing bras felt uncomfortable. These are the perfect solution- it's still kind of like a real bra in that it still clips in the back, but it has a lot of qualities of a sports bra also. For me, it's the perfect in between and it's so comfortable, where all regularly styled bras (both normal and nursing) feel uncomfortable now.

So, there are my essentials! I have plenty of other things I could share as to what I liked and what my favorites were, but I wanted this to be more general, including basic items that everyone should get and everyone will need (at least in some fashion). 

Hope that's helpful!


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