Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend recap.

This weekend was quick and long at the same time. It was quick in the fact that we did a lot, and weekends go fast. It also felt long in that we traveled and were at home, which doesn't happen often. Usually we are one or the other.

Friday night we ate B'Bops with my family before heading to OC to watch my sister's volleyball game. My dad came with us, but my other sister had a tournament here, so my mom and sister stayed home. We got there around 10:30, and headed to the last quarter of Kley's cousin Pieter's football game (it had gotten delayed for bad weather, so it was still going that late). Then we went to Kley's parents new rental! It was so strange. They moved out of their house last week and are in a rental until April, when their new condo will be finished. We hung out there Saturday morning, visited Pumpkinland (a favorite- got tons of fall goodies for school!), went to Karlie's volleyball game (which was an exciting 5 games and they won!), ate dinner at Pizza Ranch (classic), and then headed home and arrived back at 10:30 again. We were gone for exactly 24 hours, including about 8 hours of travel, so it was very quick, but good! I'm really glad we were able to go.

Sunday we went to Church and hung out at home, which was so nice. I worked a lot on conference stuff, cleaned, got groceries, and caught up on Parenthood and Grey's. At 6, Kley had to start taking the gross meds for his colonoscopy today.

This morning Kley had his 5 year routine colonoscopy (he has a condition called ulcerative colitis). This was my first experience with him, and I was more scared than he was. He wasn't happy about not eating and spending so much time in the bathroom, but Kley is one of the most easy-going, positive people I have ever met. He rarely complains.

Now we are home and Kley is sleeping. I traded days off this week (remember my job does four 10 hour days?), so that was nice that I got to be home with him today. He went in and out of it when he officially woke up. He didn't say anything too extreme or funny, he mostly just kept falling asleep in the middle of conversations. He said it went well, he felt good, he felt disoriented, he felt his thoughts were so scattered, he dreamed about a grandpa bringing him a cracker, the nurses were really nice, and him and his doctor were bros. Ha. :)

Unfortunately, he threw up in the car on the way home, so hopefully when he wakes up he will be feeling more himself!

Happy Monday!

(Also, I worked hard during his colonoscopy on conference stuff again, and am very proud to report that I AM READY! Yay! Feels good to have such a big task prepared for.)


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