Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beautiful: sequel.

A little while back I wrote a post entitled Beautiful. One of the things I talked about was how sad it is that many women (and men) don't view themselves as beautiful. People tend to be really critical of themselves.

This is a really great video that you should definitely watch, called Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

In this video, an artist interviews different women, behind a curtain, and asks them to describe themselves. He then drew a picture of them based off of their description, never actually seeing them. Women described themselves way more negatively than positively.

The artist then had the women meet each other, and the artist drew another sketch of each woman based off of the stranger they had just met and the description they gave. They described each other way more positively than negatively, the exact opposite of how they described themselves.

Then each woman gets to see the two drawings. They were pretty different.

It's easy to describe the beautiful qualities of your friends and others. Today, think of a few for yourself! God made you beautiful!


  1. I love that video! I think it's so powerful. Thanks for sharing it again...a good reminder. :)


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