Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Family Night.

This weekend we are having a ton of family time, which is great. Both my brother and sister are home on college fall break, along with my brother's girlfriend Rose, which rarely ever happens. It's so nice to all be home together. Family is such a treasure.

Last night we went over for dinner after work to celebrate Keaton's birthday. He is 22! Tonight we made caramel apples and carved pumpkins- classic fall activities. It was fun!

Kayla stole most of the heath bar pieces for her apple, and Karlie and Rose kept trying to pick them off.

The apples- yummy!

Keaton's apple dripping with excessive caramel. Typical.

Another typical scene of Keaton doing something loud and weird.

Kayla, Rose, and Karlie.

Daisy lounging. Rough life.

Kley watching baseball in his post dinner food coma. :)

The girls.

Pumpkin time!

The action.



Keaton's. His original "totally awesome" idea was to put holes all over the pumpkin, but he got sick of it and carved a moon on the side and said it was a moon and stars. Ha.

Kayla's almost finished bat.

I guess I forgot a picture of Karlie's cat because she finished last. Oops.
All of our pumpkins! (Notice Keaton in the following pictures.)

Lit up outside.

Happy Fall everyone!


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