Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to the best!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday- happy birthday Kley! We got to celebrate, which was very fun. I got off work earlier than usual because of teacher training, and Kley didn't have to work yesterday afternoon, so we had extra time!

Kley chose Red Lobster for dinner, and then we headed up to Ames to see BILL COSBY! We were pumped! We were so glad we got to go. We (me especially) have always loved Cosby, so it was fun to see him live! He is now 76 years old, for anyone wondering, and is still going around doing shows.

Kley, I love you and am so blessed to spend birthdays with you. Through thick and thin, I am so happy and proud to call you my partner. We have a lot going for us in this next year! :)

(He turned 26. I am still 24. I told him that it was like he was almost 30 and I was still a kid. Ha.)


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