Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy birthday Keaton!

Yesterday was Keaton's birthday. He turned 22- happy birthday Keaton! What to say about him...he's quite the character. In a good way. Keaton is weird, goofy, crazy, loud, sarcastic, and sometimes obnoxious. :) In a lot of ways we are very opposite. Keaton is sure of himself in a crowded room. He doesn't mind talking to new people, and in fact enjoys it. Keaton is the life of the party. He always has been, and it annoyed me to no end in high school, but I love him for it. Throw Keaton into any room and he will succeed, make friends, and have fun. He always has something funny or witty to say. He is also loyal, caring, fun, friendly, athletic, smart, and loving. 

We had quite the time growing up together- "sledding" down the stairs in blankets, playing Super Mario, playing war ball in the basement (basically throwing balls at each other as hard as you can), playing kick the can and 7 steps, many rounds of kickball with the neighbor kids, looking for frogs in the pond at the park, and running through the sprinkler. Also throw in lots of wrestling and loud car dancing as we got older. 

Keaton, you make life exciting, enjoyable, full of laughter, and lots of fun. Happy birthday to my best brother. I love you.

This is the most recent picture. You have also grown up to be quite beastly- muscular and hairy. :)


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