Monday, September 24, 2012

Minneapolis weekend.

This weekend (Sat/Sun) we went to Minneapolis for a wedding (yay Shannon and Jason!). Saturday Kley and I drove up in the afternoon, checked into our hotel, and headed to the Mall of America. (This is not Kley's favorite place by any means, but he was a great sport.) We made a trip to Old Navy, my favorite store, where I got a few baby gifts. We also had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, my favorite restaurant, and took a trip to Godiva for my favorite dessert- chocolate! It was WONDERFUL. 

So delicious.

I would love a fish tank like this in my house- if someone else would clean it. :)

Even though we don't have kids, this is still my favorite place to eat. :) (Which makes it even better, because hardly any couples go there, so you get in so much faster because it's all larger groups! Lame, I know.)

The best store. 

View of the rides.

Kley and I eating dinner (sorry it's so dark).

Sunday we met some of Kley's old roommates at The Original Pancake House for brunch, which was delicious, and I'm glad Kley got to see his friends. (Even though it was me and five guys, it was still fun. He well deserved it after taking me to the mall!) Then we headed to Bethel and saw my brother, Keaton, for a bit, and then headed to the wedding! Here are the centerpieces.

Kley and I at our table.

My good friend, Jacquie, was the personal attendant, and we got to sit with her and David! (David is her husband, and Kley's old roommate/best friend.)

David and Jacquie.

Kley and I. (It was a gorgeous outdoor wedding!)

David decided to take some "model" shots of Kley. Enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, too! (We had to leave the wedding early to drive back since it was a Sunday wedding, but it was worth it!)


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