Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Favorite Childhood Game.

My all time favorite childhood game was....Kick the Can.

If you know what this game is- awesome. If not, let me tell you what it is. No matter your age, you should play this game. Even if you are old, play it with kids you know. Every child should experience it. :)

You play the game around your house. Begin in the driveway, with a can set up in the front yard. Someone is "it" and goes and hides. The rest of the players run/walk around the house and try to get back to the front without the person hiding seeing them move. If the person hiding sees you move, they call out your name, and then it's a race to the front to kick the can. If the runner wins, they kick the can and get to go again. If the hider wins, the runner has to stand by the can and scream out help. Another runner has to run to the can and kick it for them to get out of "jail." The hider wants to get everyone in jail to win, and the runners want to win by getting around the house back to the driveway.

Hope that makes sense. I actually haven't played it since I was little, so my memory is a bit blurry. It's the best game though. Ever. My family played it pretty much every night in the summer.


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