Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy birthday Kayla!

Yesterday was my youngest sister's birthday. Happy birthday Kayla! She is now 14. And can get her permit. Wow.

Kayla is a wonderful sibling (as are my other two). She is 10 years younger than me, which always made it fun and memorable to have a sister so much younger. I remember when she was born, bringing Kit Kat's to school with "It's a Girl!" labels on them. She got pulled around everywhere by the three of us. I remember her getting dragged to every sports event imaginable. Wherever we were- Kayla was always there. :) I remember the first time she met Kley and how much fun it was to have weekends home during college. Kayla is always fun to be around and is one of my best friends. Happy birthday Kayla! (She is also one of my only avid readers of this blog. :)

Last night we went and saw Phil Wickham together.

I love Phil Wickham. If you haven't heard of him- look him up. I even walked down the aisle to his song "You're Beautiful."

It was fun to celebrate with you, Kayla! We love you!


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