Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend.

It was glorious to have a three day weekend. I loved every minute. Friday night we baby-sat, so it was fun to pretend we had our own kids for a bit. Saturday I cleaned/organized our apartment, which always feels so good when you're done. (At least to me, anyways.) Saturday night Kley and I had date night. We went to Red Lobster and watched the movie "Big Miracle." We thought it was pretty good- not the best ever, but enjoyable. 

Sunday my family and I went to the pool. I love going to the pool. It makes me feel like I live such a high and luxurious life. :) I swam laps and then laid out and ate ice cream (which sort of cancels each other out, but oh well). Sunday night we all watched "The Wizard of Oz." Kley had never watched it before, and my dad said that his childhood was not complete until he did. It was a winner.

Monday was awesome to sleep in and not have to go to work. We went with my family to Adventureland. (It's kind of a Labor Day tradition.) We had a lot of fun. I feel like when I talk to people about Adventureland, it's about 60/40 of people who think it's lame and people who like it. Maybe that's not true for others, but that's what I've heard. I think it's fun. :) Kley, on the other hand, is a wonderful sport. He doesn't like rides- I told him when we got married that that was his biggest flaw. But he was a trooper and came- even went on a couple rides- and had fun. The Scrambler (pictured below) is the best ride. It was gone for a few years and they brought it back, and I am happy about that decision. And Kley even went on it with me! My other best is riding the Sky Lift and yelling loudly that I am with my sister Kayla. We also played a lot of Skee Ball. I one once and I was pumped. (I played about 12 rounds, but who's counting?)

All in all, it was a great weekend. If only my other siblings, Keaton and Karlie, could have been there. Miss you guys! (They are at college.)


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