Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Favorite Clothing Items.

This is about some of my clothing/accessory go-to's that I love and wear quite often. :)

This necklace is from Francescas. I don't have this exact necklace, but one sort of similar that is long with lots of colorful beads on it. I love wearing it to tie colors together and to spice up a simpler outfit. I got it for my birthday from my good friend, Stephanie.

I just got these shoes and haven't worn them yet, but am pumped to. Ask me two years ago and I would have told you that all animal print is dumb, but leopard is growing on me this year. They are comfy and flat too, which is a must for teaching two-year-olds. I got them from a Scheel's gift card from my mother-in-law.

This is my wonderful fall outside fleece to wear on the playground at school. I love it. I got it for Christmas from my parents.

Last winter was my first ever year to own boots that were not purely outdoor snow boots. I am glad I took to that trend. I have gray boots similar to this, from Payless from Kley for our anniversary, that I love and wore all the time last winter. I usually wear them with a skirt/leggings, or skinny jeans. (Skinny jeans are another item that I only had my first ever pair last winter. Maybe I'm becoming cooler. :)

Sweaters like this are my favorite- I probably have cardigans like this in about 7 colors, ranging from Old Navy (my favorite clothes store ever), Gap, to Anne Taylor Loft. They are so easy to make look good and comfortable to wear with a simple tank underneath. I particularly like the 3/4 sleeve, because then you can push them into more than one season, and it's a great length because you don't have to keep pulling them up or down all day. Some were gifts, some bought myself.

Kley gave me these earrings for my college graduation, and I love them. I wear them probably every other day. I don't wear too many dangly earrings because of teaching, so these are perfect. 

These are the most recent pair of flip flops I got, and I love them. (See the leopard theme?) I had an old pair of solid black ones with glitter on the straps that were my staple flip flop, but they were getting so worn thin, that I replaced them with these from Old Navy. I'm happy I did, and have gotten several compliments on them. I bought these myself.

Another item in the leopard category- a scarf. I love wearing this because it's light, so it can be worn mixed seasons, and I've even gotten better at pairing it with other patterns instead of just wearing it with a solid color. I got it for Christmas from my mom.

Long maxi skirts are something I just discovered this year. I have a gray one and a black one, both bought with an Old Navy gift card from my mother-in-law. These are awesome for school because they are easy to wear, comfy, and easy to wash. Since I have to wash my clothes a lot (I get boogers, snot, food, drool, or art supplies on my pants/skirts almost everyday from my kids- too much information, but true), these are a good staple. Long is another key word here. Long is good for school because kids are always on my lap, pulling on it, and I'm always on the floor. Wind on the playground also blows up skirts quite easily, so they have to be long. This is a win win. 

So those are a few of my staple favorites. I included where I got them from for those on a budget like us- with Kley in law school and me teaching, we don't have much extra for shopping. I'm very blessed through Christmas/birthday gifts, and a very generous mother-in-law who sometimes gives me gift cards to go shopping! I rarely ever go shopping by myself, unless I really need something. Hope you enjoyed!


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