Monday, June 24, 2024

Summer softball 2024.

Summer softball is in full swing and all three are enjoying it! Norah bumped up to the 3rd/4th grade team this year. This felt like a big jump because she has an hour practice every weekday (during the six week summer rec program), with five different nighttime games playing surrounding towns. It was so fun and adrenaline pumping to watch her first game last week where they had to wear full uniforms and did kit pitch and three outs and everything! 

They don't really have team names. They all practice together, which is fun to be with all her friends, and then they split into three different teams for the night games, so she's team three for that.

Many hours spent at the ball field this summer and we've had great weather for it so far!

Norah scoring a run! She also got someone out at first base too- way to go!

Norah batting.

Norah playing third base.

Lucy and Ellory are on the Cardinals this year and doing great! It's fun to watch they get better each year. 

Lucy up to bat. She got a hit immediately!

Ellory up to bat and she got a hit immediately too! Awesome job girls!


Way to go, Norah, Lucy, and Ellory- we love you and are always cheering you on! And way to go Kley for coaching Lucy and Ellory's team and coaching Norah's night games!


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