Thursday, June 6, 2024

All the end of year things- soccer, dance, school play, and piano!

We've had a busy but fun wrap up to the school year- summer is almost here and we are looking forward to it! Our final days of school were filled with fun things like inflatable day, special snacks and fun days, and a field trip that I got to help chaperone for all of them too. So glad I could go along! 

We also had the final soccer game for everyone, Norah got to play Ma in the Pecos Bill play the third graders put on, Norah had her dance recital, and all three got to play in the piano recital. It was a huge week and the girls did so well in all of their things- so thankful for the gift of healthy and growing bodies and minds!

The school play was sad for me because it was the same day as Lucy and Ellory's field trip that I was helping with, so I didn't get to see it, bummer! But she had Kley and all four grandparents there, so that was a special gift. I heard she did great!

Go Norah! Way to be brave and try new things!

Here are Norah's professional dance photos from the year- tap and jazz!

End of the year piano recital- they were nervous but handled it well and played well too! Way to go girls! It's also an answer to prayer because Heidi (in the photo) was able to take Lucy and Ellory on for next year- yay! Lucy and Ellory had a different teacher this year because Heidi didn't have room, but we knew that their teacher, Mel, was moving and could only commit to a year, so it worked out so well that Heidi could take them next year. Mel was great and we loved her, but it will be nice for them to all take from the same teacher too. Lucy and Ellory also didn't have recitals this year, so it was so kind that Heidi let them play at both her Christmas recital and the spring recital so they could get the experience of doing it.

Last soccer game for Norah!

Norah did great at her dance recital! She loved dance this year and was excited to perform! (Lucy and Ellory weren't interested in doing dance this year. Ellory says she wants to next year, Lucy says not really- we will see come fall!)

My parents were able to come see her dance recital and school play too, which was so nice! Kley's parents were able to come to the events of the week also- so thankful for many family and friends that love our girls!

Norah's tap dance.

Norah's jazz dance.

Last soccer game for Lucy and Ellory!


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