Thursday, June 20, 2024

Summer Celebration and Phil Wickham at Rise Fest!

What a fun summer weekend! It was the most beautiful weather. We went to Rise Fest for the first time, which is an annual Christian music festival about half an hour away from us. We found out Phil Wickham was going to be there and we had to go! He's a favorite of all of us! I had really wanted to get tickets to his spring tour, but initially he wasn't coming anywhere close to us. Then he added more dates to his tour and one of the cities was Des Moines, but it was the Friday night of Tulip Festival so we couldn't go. But, then we found out he was coming to Rise Fest, only a half an hour from us- yay yay! It was SO special. Kley and I have loved his music from close to his beginning back when we were in college. It was amazing and so neat for our girls to experience him live! Praise God!

So fun to do this as a family. It was so special to watch my girls sing along and I prayed these truths would sink down deep into their souls!

What could be better than ice cream and Phil Wickham live?

Lucy, Ellory, and I also went to Summer Celebration- a fun kickoff to summer that a neighboring town does. I wondered how it would go this year, because I really wanted to go but also knew that our time of all the girls thinking it was super fun was nearing a close. How are they getting so big? Norah opted to stay home with Kley and they did a few projects, and Lucy, Ellory, and I went together! They did some inflatables and enjoyed the park and petting zoo. So fun and so glad they still thought it was fun and wanted to go! There were numerous years that events with inflatable were absolutely incredible and I can't believe that time is almost coming to a close! Bittersweet, but so glad to be able to watch them grow up and enter into new stages too. Thankful for a great start to summer!


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