Friday, July 14, 2023

Rapid City 2023- part 2.

More fun in Rapid City! We went to Dinosaur Park and took some fun pictures. I remember going there when I was younger too. Love the views! The girls commented about the views numerous times during the week- so much more mountainous than Iowa!

Love my girls! They were pretty great travelers during our time there.

Norah and Taylor, my cousin's daughter.

Fun with the dinosaurs.

Lucy and my Uncle Jeff. He married Aunt Darla later in life, so they don't have kids, so it's super fun to see them because they can interact and have fun in a different way than others who also have their own kids. So fun to have extended family that we don't get to see all the time love on our girls!

We didn't get to Mount Rushmore last trip, so it was so special to see it this time since the girls had never seen it. Norah wanted to see it because she learned about it in school. It was raining the whole time we were there, so we didn't get to stay long, but thankful we still got a picture!

My mom and my sister, Kayla.

Wet in the rain, but so glad we got this picture and got to see it.

It rained quite a bit during our week there, so it was a great energy burning activity one afternoon to take the older girls swimming while the younger cousins napped. They loved it!

Bear Country USA was another fun outing. It just seems like such a classic Rapid City event. It's super fun to drive through because you get to see so many animals up pretty close, and then you get to walk through a portion at the end too. Loved it!

We saw lots of bears and a few mountain goats, bighorn sheep, arctic fox, elk, and several other animals.

What a fun week! So glad we could come.


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