Tuesday, July 25, 2023

End of T-ball and softball 2023.

Summer T-ball and softball has ended! It was a truly good season and each of the girls really enjoyed it. They were all excited to go and are growing in skill! Norah can really hit and throw! In her age group, they did coach pitch for five pitches and then you could hit off the tee, and Norah never used the tee the entire season- she got a hit every time! They also had to rotate fielding positions each time, but they got to pick, and Norah always gunned for first, shortstop, or pitcher to go for lots of ball action. Lucy has a fierce determination and competitive drive. She puts her all into every sport and truly loves it! Lucy also gunned for first base every time she could get it. Ellory is happy to be out there and tries hard when it's her turn, but isn't super aggressive, which is exactly how I was too. Way to try your best, girls! So fun to watch all three and how different they are and how much they learned. They also had fun with friends and showing good sportsmanship is super important too. Go Twins and Royals! Also, shoutout to Kley for coaching both teams!

They get medals on the last night. Norah's team was bigger than this, but a lot were gone the last week. Go Twins!

Up to bat for Norah.

Thankful we had many nights of beautiful weather for it this year!

Go Royals!

Up to bat for Lucy.

Lucy playing first and Ellory sort of playing outfield (they don't hit it that far this young, so they don't actually play in the outfield). 

Up to bat for Ellory.

What a great season!


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