Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Rapid City 2023- part 1.

The girls and I spent almost a week in Rapid City, SD and had lots of fun! My grandparents live there and don't travel anymore, so it was special to be able to see them. We came two years ago (the first time for the girls), and it was fun to come again for them to have some memories from before and be excited to return. Kley stayed home to work, so he wasn't able to join. My aunt/uncle and three cousins live there too. My cousin's daughter, Rachel, is 10 and they had a blast together. We got to meet my other cousin's one month old daughter, Harper. My parents and siblings were there too, which was amazing!

Love this pictures of Papa and Gigi with all the great grands that were there!

It's been two years since I've seen my grandparents in person- I will treasure this picture forever. Thankful for Facetime so we can still talk and see each other!

We went to Reptile Gardens, which was fun because we didn't do that last trip, so it was something new. The gator and snake shows were very interesting! They had lots of beautiful flowers too.

Lucy took these next couple pictures and she was proud of them- I told her they were pretty good!

Touching the python- Lucy and Ellory did it!

The whole group at Reptile Gardens.

Touching the baby crocodile. 

They had paddle boats where we stayed and the girls enjoyed it!

We visited Story Book Island too, which is special to me because I have memories of visiting there when I was younger when we visited grandparents. It's such a neat place with lots of Disney/classic story characters and play lands. We rode the carousel and train too!

Cousins on the train.

Aunt Kayla and Lucy.

Neat picture of Norah and my grandpa!

I know I've said this over and over, but big group family pictures just make my heart swell. Traveling with a bunch of kids isn't always perfect, but so worth it. I'm so glad we came. :)

Norah and Murphy. Norah is the oldest cousin on both sides, just like me, and it's so special to watch her cousin bond with all of them. Lucy and Ellory have it too, but it's different with Norah because she's older. They look up to her in a different, super sweet way. 

Al's Oasis was a spot we always stopped when we traveled there as kids, so it's fun to stop there with the girls too!


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