Monday, April 3, 2023

Fun Friday off of school with gymnastics and first time back at the park for the year!

The girls had a Friday off of school and we had a great time! Love time with my girls and watching them grow. I was really happy because I got to last minute surprise them with a trip to a gymnastics place in a neighboring town that has a neat facility. The girls have been very into gymnastics lately with lots of made up dance routines and flips and twirls all over our couch. I didn't think it would work to go, but last minute saw they had an open gym time that was technically for preschoolers, but the owner was kind and said we could come if they were careful. They were very excited and it was fun to do something special!

We hung out at home in the afternoon and they (mostly) played well with making bracelets, playing restaurant, Polly Pockets, and play-doh. These are the days. :) Once Kley got home we went out for supper (a big treat!) and to the park! It's still not super nice here to go to the park, but we are definitely looking forward to warmer weather hopefully soon. Thankful for extra time with my three beauties today!


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