Friday, April 7, 2023

Cancun 2023.

So thankful Kley and I got to get away for a few days to Cancun! My parents, one of my sisters, and aunt/uncle were here too. It was an open family invite, and we joined in somewhat last minute, but are glad we could work out flights and childcare. Some days in the sun by the beach were incredible! We had great weather and it was so relaxing. So glad the girls could have some fun with grandparents back home and were well taken care of. 

The last day my dad and I went parasailing- it was amazing! So beautiful- we could see so far! And we saw a big sea turtle swimming!

Kley, I love you and you are my greatest earthly blessing. I still think you're pretty handsome even though you love to wear big bucket hats. :)

The group! The dinners here were long, which was totally fine since it was all adults. Strange to sit for a two hour meal, but nice!

Cancun! I was sad my lens fogged up in the humidity for this picture, but oh well. A cool sign!

You can see Kley, my dad, and Uncle Jeff out in the water here. The water felt nice!

We went on a ferry ride to Isla Mujeres one day for a little outing and some shops.

Here they claimed they were off to find and wrestle sharks in the water. No such luck. Thankfully.

Drinks by the ocean- a dream!

It was a gift to be able to come and grateful for time together. Such a great few days, but ready to hug our girls again too!


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