Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Tulip Festival 2022- Parades and more rides.

What a super fun Tulip Festival! It was strange that the first two days were 90 degrees and the last two were 50 degrees, but we had fun in all temps! We hit up the parades, food stands, and more rides. Ellory was obsessed with snow cones! We sat by some church friends for a few parades and also had a night with the De Jongs with supper/parade/rides too. It was great!

So fun to ride some rides with cousin Will! He used to not love rides, but is really branching out and it's neat to watch the cousins have fun together! This picture of Ellory and Will was when they rode the smaller boat while Norah and Lucy rode the bigger boat. 

I love this picture of us on the ferris wheel!

Motorcycle fun.


Little Dutch girl!

Every kid loves climbing in the giant wooden shoe.

Some parade floats.

The Queen and her court.

Pride of the Dutchmen Marching band.

In the last parade of the festival, any alumni can march in the band. Kley loves to pull out the old trumpet and march along!


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