Monday, May 30, 2022

Tulip Festival 2022- Ride Night.

One of our favorite nights of the entire year recently happened- ride night! Our town has Tulip Festival every year, a celebration of our Dutch heritage, and the kick off to it is ride night! We all really look forward to it. Watching your kids have fun is the best!

This was the first year that Norah didn't want to ride all of the "little kid" rides and gravitated more toward the older kid side. It's good and I'm so happy our girls are growing well, but it was bittersweet! Norah had a grumpy face the entire time on this ride because she thought she was too big for it, but I promise the rest of the night she had a great time!

It also broke my heart a little bit that all of the girls said they didn't need me to ride the carousel with them and they were just fine to do it on their own. They sure are growing up! While I'd love to ride it with them forever, I know it can't always be that way, so I'm thankful they still even wanted to ride it!

They had a couple new rides this year that they didn't have in past years, which was neat!

You can only see Lucy's face in this picture, but just look at her! Pure joy!

The giant slide is a favorite!

What a fun family night. Thankful for special times together and also for amazing weather!


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