Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Lucy and Ellory's Kindermusik graduation.

Lucy and Ellory graduated from Kindermusik today. What a special time! They have been going for four years, so with Norah's time too, I have been going to weekly Kindermusik classes for six years! Kindermusik is a great program, and their teacher, Mrs. Heidi, was truly fabulous. She is so good with kids and taught them so much about music! They did many fun and educational things through the years, like playing instruments, following beats, singing songs, parachute, learning notes and C scale, and this year they learned to play the dulcimer and glockenspiel (just to name a few things). They learned many great skills that will carry them well in later years! It was very much worth the time and investment. We will definitely miss it!

We love you, Mrs. Heidi! You are great at what you do and so thankful you could teach our girls!

Support crew at graduation- Grandpa and Grandma, Great Grandma Schut, Great Grandma De Jong, and Amma. Thankful our girls have a great cheering section!

Singing some class favorite songs.

They played some songs they learned on the glockenspiel and they each had to play a solo. They did amazing and played their solos perfectly! Way to go girls, so proud of all you have learned!

Strumming the dulcimer.

Yay for the graduates! Kindermusik is wonderful!


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