Friday, October 30, 2020

Norah's 6th birthday- family parties.

Our sweet Norah is 6! What a joy to celebrate her. I am so incredibly grateful to be her mom. She is so many good things and brings immense light to our lives! Happy happy birthday, our beautiful girl!

Covid made her birthday a bit different than usual, but we still had lots of fun. All our family usually comes to our house to celebrate, but that didn't work out with places for everyone to stay this year due to covid. Thankful we were able to go to Des Moines for a weekend instead. Uncle Zack and Aunt Karlie unfortunately had to miss because they are being very cautious with covid because she's about to have a baby (yay for a new niece or nephew soon!), but we got to see everyone else on my side, which was great. We just hung out at my parents house together and celebrated with together time and steak and cake!

It had been awhile since we had seen everyone, so it was great to be back together again. The girls loved all the play time with grandpa and grandma's toys and lots of people to play with!

Back home, we got to celebrate with Kley's side too! Fun we could still see everyone even if we couldn't have a big party all together. Norah loved it and didn't even realize that it was different than usual, which is exactly what we wanted. A celebration of her however we could do it- it was fun because she got lots of parties! We were able to go eat at a new restaurant that recently opened in our town and Norah got this free celebration shake for her birthday!

Then we went back to celebrate at Amma and Papa's house. Uncle Brett, Aunt Elizabeth, and Will got to be there too!

Family photo attempts didn't go so hot- these were our best ones. Oh well!

Pin the nose on Olaf game- the girls loved this and played it over and over!

Elizabeth and I joined in the fun too.

What a beautiful cake from our local bakery Amma got for Norah- so sweet!

What fun, happy 6th birthday Norah!


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