Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Big news for Norah- we are homeschooling for kindergarten!

What a wild few weeks it's been! Kley had COVID (it was very mild thankfully- he was feeling really sick for one day, and then had minor aches and cold symptoms for a few days following). While he had it, the girls had to quarantine from school, and during that time we decided to homeschool Norah for the rest of her kindergarten year. We prayed about it a lot and kept feeling His leading towards it, and we want to be obedient. It was a difficult decision because we loved her teacher and school, but overall we just felt that this would be a good fit for our family for now. We don't plan to homeschool forever, but for several factors it seemed like it would work well for us for this year. We are all excited for learning at home and more time together!


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