Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Lucy and Ellory are preschoolers!

Our babies started three-year-old preschool! While some days do feel long when you're in the thick of parenting, time really does go very fast. I so vividly remember their NICU days and many nights nursing them in our rocking chair, and now they are walking into their first school experience. It's only a few hours a week (Tuesday/Thursday mornings), but it still feels weird. We are so happy that they were ready and so excited. They were both giggling and walked right in with no tears. I'm happy that they have each other (there is only one preschool class, so there isn't even an option to split them up in our town until kindergarten) for this first experience, and I also think it really helped them seeing Norah go to preschool there too. They thought they were such big shots with their backpacks!

Lucy and Ellory, you make our lives so bright. May you share His light and kindness as you start school and grow in Him. You are deeply loved.


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