Friday, September 11, 2020

Fields of Fun 2020.

 Fields of Fun (our local pumpkin patch) is open and we are thrilled! This is something we look forward to all year, and it's even more special this year with many things being cancelled this year due to COVID. We went opening day and spent a couple hours there after school. It was glorious and Kley got to meet us at the end after work with a pizza picnic. Also, my sister Kayla (who goes to college in our town) got to come too! A super fun afternoon!

Fun family outings are my favorite!

The three most beautiful heads of corn I've ever seen.

Lucy and Ellory loved driving these wheelbarrows around and collecting mini pumpkins.

The corn put was a huge favorite (that also completely covered them in dust!). We had immediate baths once we got home, but it was worth it for the fun they had.

How tall this fall? Always fun to take the same yearly pictures!

Checking out the animals.

They have several different swing sets there as well, and of course we tried them all!

The weather was beautiful and we had a great time- can't wait to go again!

Check out Fields of Fun last year. Look at how little they all look two years ago at Pumpkinland! (Pumpkinlamd was the old pumpkin patch that has now closed and a few one called Fields of Fun opened at a different location; this is their second year.)


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